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  • Who are the current board members of the Meadow Hills HOA?
    Randy Garlington – President Jim Garrett – Treasurer Jim Beam Ron Steege Helen Richards Mike Meagher
  • When is trash pickup?
    The dumpsters are emptied three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Please be sure to put all trash IN the dumpster, not next to it. There are three dumpster locations on the property, and they are for resident use only. If you need a large item picked up, please contact Alpine Disposal directly at this number: 303-744- 9881
  • Do we have recycling?
    There are two recycling bins in each trash area. Recycling items do not need to be sorted, but MUST be placed inside of the bins – anything stacked next to the bins will not be picked up, or if it is, we will be charged extra for that. Please tear down any cardboard boxes and put them directly inside the recycling bins. Also, do not put your recyclable items into a plastic bag – plastic bags cannot be recycled and will likely cause the bag and everything in it to be put into the regular trash, so none of it will be recycled. Recycling pick-up is on Thursday.
  • What is the process if I want to change my deck or make other exterior changes to my home?
    There is an Architectural Control Committee project submittal form, please complete this form with as much detail as possible regarding the proposed project. Return the form to Todd Larson at, who will then submit it to the board for approval. Be sure to include information on how soon you want to begin and the board will respond with an approval or with questions or comments on changes that would be required to meet neighborhood covenants.
  • Is the HOA responsible for maintaining my deck?
    This depends on your deck. If it is part of the original construction, the HOA is responsible for re-staining the vertical balusters only. However, if they have been replaced, the homeowner assumes responsibility for future maintenance and replacement at that point. The HOA is not responsible for any horizontal surface of the original decks . . . it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain or replace as needed. Maintaining and updating decks which are not original are the responsibility of each individual homeowner. Be sure to fill out and submit an Architectural Control project form before doing any work or modification of any deck.
  • I need to touch up some of the exterior paint on my home. What are our approved, standard colors? "
    Paint can be obtained from our local Sherwin Williams store at 3106 S Parker Road (Parker and Dartmouth). Their phone number is: (303) 745-8074 Siding: Sherwin Williams SW7501 Threshold Taupe (250—C5) Facia/Trim: Behr N210-5 Caffeine Soffits: Sherwin Williams SW7517 China Doll (250-C1)
  • Does the HOA provide snow removal?
    The HOA calls for snow removal if we have more than 3 inches of snow. Our provider will arrive within 24 hours. The main drive and individual driveways will be plowed, and the walkways will be shoveled.
  • Should I get insurance coverage in case of an assessment?
    The possibility of an assessment always exists in a townhome or condominium situation, and because of that, we strongly encourage each of our homeowners to obtain assessment insurance. This is a very low cost policy and can be invaluable should an assessment become necessary. Please talk to your insurance agent, or contact the Todd Larson of Service Plus Community Management at 720-571- 1440 for more information.
  • Who is responsible for the small garden area in front of my unit?
    The homeowner is responsible for all pruning and primary care of all trees, shrubs and flowers planted within the homeowners lot lines. This includes front and rear planters and garden areas. The HOA is responsible for maintaining all trees, grass and shrubs within the common areas of the Meadow Hills Townhomes property. Since the garden area in front of your townhome is often shared with your neighbor, please talk to them directly if you want to make any changes. Be sure to submit for architectural approval if you would like to make major changes to this area.
  • What about my dog?
    We love dogs, but because we all share the common areas, it is expected that dog owners will control their dogs at all times, and pick up after them immediately EVERY time they do their business. Please be respectful of your neighbors, some of whom may be frightened by dogs or allergic to them, and do not allow them to run around unattended.
  • Do I have use of the golf course/pool/tennis courts?
    These amenities are public, city managed facilities. There is a fee to use them, but no membership is required, living in Meadow Hills Townhomes gives you the same access as any other city resident.
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